Wednesday, 26 June 2013

American Mary

"American Mary" (2012, Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, IndustryWorks Pictures, 430 Productions, American Mary Productions) is a rape revenge movie meets a surgery gore film from those talented girls, The Twisted Twins.

When Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle), a promising and feisty young surgical student, is invited by her professor to a party with all the surgical staff, she thinks she's finally made it. Alas, she gets there to find that she's surrounded by creepy men, drugs and rape...

She had become involved with a strip club and some illegal surgery while looking to make some extra cash, so after the horrific events of the party, what is she to do but to head back to the dark world of body modification and dangerous friends? Of course, she'd also need some practice with her scalpel and to build up that catalogue of hers!

A dark film which touches on the world of body modding and surgical addiction, while managing not to be unwatchable and it's even humorous at times.

It's all about torture but Mary's cool, calm exterior and sharp wit keep the film going and the audience find themselves on Mary's side.

A terrific performance from Katherine Isabelle drives the plot on and holds the film together, along with some brilliant special effects. Mary's desire for easy money and revenge becomes a blood lust as she loses herself in this deadpan tale.

Dark and squirmy, but with some interesting characters, including charmingly creepy Bettie Boop caricature, Beatress Johnsson (Tristen Risk, aka model and burlesque pin up, Little Miss Risk) and her Barbie-wannabe fashion designer chum, Ruby Realgirl (Paula Lindberg). Who, for the record, are wearing prosthetics.

Recommend for a bit of dirty, grungy, gory fun. 

Hey, and Mary has the same kind of parrot as me! Nice choice there, Mary, Senegals rock!

[Image: American Mary Productions]