Monday, 27 October 2014

See No Evil 2

"See No Evil 2" (2014, Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, WWE Studios, Lionsgate Home Entertainment) is the sequel to, you've guessed it, "See No Evil".

Some pretty young people are working the graveyard ship at the morgue. Amy (Danielle Harris) is about to leave to attend her birthday celebrations in a local bar, when the morgue is informed that they are to receive delivery of a special case: the body of Jacob Goodnight (Kane) and his numerous victims. This is all just too exciting for Amy to miss so instead her friends decide to swing by the morgue to party instead.... Of course!

Amy's pal Tamara (Katherine Isabelle), who has an interestingly sexual interest in death, goes with her boyfriend to look at the murderer's body. It isn't long until she learns that the body is still more than just that, though! And then the fun begins.

A good old slasher with the trademark gore, witty banter and interesting sexy scenes that we've come to know and love as synonymous with the works of the talented Soska sisters. They create a fun chase and slash through the morgue without becoming too samey. The scenes have interesting, if disposable, characters and the action is gory and quick.

Kane maintains his signature menace as the slow, silent slasher killer, hulking over his victims.

Katherine Isabelle nails it as our morbid, comedic lady. Her timing is great and there's a few fun running scenes that managed to artfully combine Scooby Doo and Friday the 13th in equal measures.

While it's nothing ground-breaking, it's a good entry to the slasher genre and is definitely worthy of your Halloween watch list.

[Image: WWE Studios]