Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jennifer's Body

"Jennifer's Body" (2010, Karyn Kusama, 20th Century Fox) is the story of a maneater.... literally.

Megan Fox stars as Jennifer Check, the popular cheerleader type who attends high school along with her nerdy BFF, Needy, aka Anita Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried) in a small American town where there is little entertainment. We learn at the beginning of the movie that this is a flashback in the mind of Needy, who is now in an insane asylum.

A 'big city' indie band, Low Shoulder, on the way up randomly decides to play in their small town bar, so the girls and most of the school go along for the gig. Tragedy strikes, causing many casualties, and the oddly calm and collected band mates 'save' Jennifer in their van while Needy refuses the lift.

The town is devastated with the deaths and casualties of the gig, but Jennifer seems quite different. See, she's now become a demonic succubis who feeds on men, after the band traded her soul in order to improve their career. See, this is why it's usually virgins who are sacrificed!

In order to stay beautiful, Jennifer must feed, so she makes short work of picking off some key men-folk from the senior buffet.

Needy becomes suspicious after a ravenous and not-so-human Jennifer spews some prickly gunk in her kitchen.... and begins trying to work out what's going on.

But it all becomes personal when Jen turns her attentions to Needy's boyfriend, Chip (Johnny Simmons - yes, Young Neil from Scott Pilgrim!).

This movie's bad in a good way, fitting in nicely with my love of B-Movies. The only characters worth liking are Chip and goth-kid Colin, and naturally they are on Jennifer's menu. That's not to say that Megan Fox isn't any good; she successfully gives the audience what they want - a sexy, demonic she-bitch.

I think you're meant to side with Needy, but I just ended up feeling the character fell a bit flat. She's been Jen's sidekick and punchbag for so long, and now she's meant to finally be becoming her own self, but instead she tries to take it all on alone. I think this was meant to show her unravelling etc... but instead she just seemed to be flustering about. Hmm...

Needy is eventually blamed for the whole incident, hence her current location... And there's a random side effect giving her super powers which was clearly only added to enable the end scene. However, the gore is medium, the scares are not many but the film is entertaining, if not scary. And it's one of the few horror movies which keeps my horror-hating boyfriend happy! Oh the powers of a sexy female protagonist!

[Picture: 20th Century Fox]