Monday, 29 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Lock Up

"Lock Up" (2013,, Ben Kent, Ben Franklin, Jonny Franklin) is the first episode of the British online horror anthology, Bloody Cuts.

A man is the last at work and has to lock up the offices on his way out, but when the lights go out he begins to feel he may not be the only one there...!

Short, effective and straight to the point, "Lock Up" uses the simplicity of solitude and darkness to make the viewer feel the dread slowly build up. Very organic and nicely put together. An excellent hook for an altogether enjoyable collection!



Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Stitches

"Stitches" (Ben Kent, Ben Franklin, Jonny Franklin, Joel Morgan) is another short from Bloody Cuts' horror anthology.

This one is not for the Coulrophobics out there! A babysitter finds more than she bargains for when sitting for the child of a couple who collect figures and toys.

Nicely set up and only 5 minutes or so long, this one is really a one trick pony of a film, but providing you go in open minded I'm sure you'll be pleased.



Bloody Cuts : Prey

"Prey" (Jonny Franklin, Ben Franklin, Ben Kent, Joel Morgan, is the third episode of the Anthology online series, Bloody Cuts.

A sexual predator (the rather dashing Fergal Philips pictured below) receives his comeuppance when he rufies the wrong girl's drink in a bar.

It's really a classic monster (short-)movie with a boogie under the bed deal, but with a set up that could be seen as more scary than the monster itself. Nicely put together with some good effects and some very good creepiness in the bedroom before the gore sets in to steal the show.



Bloody Cuts : Mother Died

"Mother Died" (Neill Gorton, Ben Franklin, is another of the British horror anthology, Bloody Cuts.

A dark and personal kind of film, we meet a daughter (Sarah Winter) who's mother has just died. I advise you do not know any more than that going in, as it makes what the daughter does much more sinister!

Quiet and short, with some nice effects and interesting camera angles, "Mother Died" adds a little something of interest to its genre, which is fast becoming boring with too many film makers going down the same path. Quite inspired.



Friday, 26 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Suckablood

"Suckablood" (2013, Ben Franklin, Jake Cuddihy, Ben Tillett, is another short from Bloody Cuts, the British horror anthology series.

Done in a fairytale style similar to Tim Burton with a dash of Dr. Seuss mixed with Edgar Allan Poe and a whole heap of The Brothers Grimm, "Suckablood" is a really artistic piece. It mixes animation, live action and prosthetics really nicely!

A young girl is reprimanded by her stepmother for sucking her thumb. To stop her, the stepmother tells her that she has cursed the child and if she sucks her thumb again, a creature called the Suckablood will come and kill her!

Terrified, the child goes to bed and sits scared, desperately trying not to suck her thumb. But can she really stop herself?

All done in poetic form, I can see why Stephen Fry is such a big fan of this short!

Highly recommended!



Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Dead Man's Lake

"Dead Man's Lake" (2013, Ben Franklin, Jonny Franklin, Joel Morgan, is a short from the Bloody Cuts free online horror anthology.

Wow, this one blew me away! Set up like an 80s slasher, the opening credits are awesome! The title theme is spot on, the clothing is suitably 80s and yet it's all still very British.

Three friends go camping in the woods near Dodman's Lake. As the couple try to get all snuggly wuggly in their romantic setting, their explosive-obsessed friend is busy running around throwing fireworks.

But, unknown to them, someone else is there with them... Is it all it appears?

A tale with some jumps, some gore and a moral that's actually really heart wrenching, I recommend any slasher fans definitely give this one a look!



Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Death Scenes

"Death Scenes" (2013, Joel Morgan, Ben Franklin, is another of the fantastic online British horror anthology, Bloody Cuts.

At only 7 and a bit minutes long I have to commend them on fitting so much in!

A detective is interrogating a suspect. The suspect remains silent throughout the detective's monologue giving a nice feeling of building dread as all of his gruesome murders are explained (and shown). Finally, he speaks up and a fun twist makes for some more lovely gore!

Really fun, well put together and worth your time!



Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Don't Move

"Bloody Cuts" is a series of short horror films from some talented British folks. I only just discovered episode 8 today: "Don't Move" (Anthony Melton, David Scullion, 2013).

I love a good anthology and will make it my goal (post-Masters assignment) to watch and review them all asap!

A clever and tense little film, we find a group of friends in a darkened flat, unable to move as they are hunted by a demon who can sense movement. Slowly and intensively the demon takes down the remaining friends in some gruesome and bloody ways, as the others have to stand stock-still and listen.

Clever, brilliantly put together, with some eerie-as-hell sound effects and gory to boot, I thoroughly enjoyed "Don't Move" and would highly recommend you all get over there and watch it! Now! Shoo!

All of the shorts are available to watch online: Enjoy!



Tuesday, 16 April 2013


"Prometheus" (2012, Ridley Scott, Twentieth Century Fox, Scott Free, Brandywine) is the almost-a-prequel to the "Alien" movies. It explores the creatures' origins and the 'history' of the events leading 'up' to the classic film we all know and love.

Whilst the film was certainly not required for the franchise, and, in my view, added very little to it, it is damned gory and has lots of fun gadgets and effects to enjoy.

Some wonderfully simple and deadly creatures plague our crew as they attempt to answer that all important question, "Why are we here?".

With some deservedly fun and grotesque death scenes, considering our cast's sheer disregard for any kind of protocol, rest assured that you will be treated to a cacophony of blood, guts and gloop, but really I'd probably be more likely to stick on "Alien" and "Aliens" if I want to see any murderous space creatures.

Not exactly the most cerebral of films, but definitely worth a look.

[Image: Twentieth Century Fox]


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mortuary (2005)

"Mortuary" (2005, Tobe Hooper, Echo Bridge Entertainment) is the remake of/sequel to 1985's film of the same name.

A family move to an old, dilapidated small-town funeral home with plans to start a new life there. But the mortuary, as well as being gross and creepy, has a dark past and something sinister is still dwelling in the graveyard!

With the exception of some good acting from little Stephanie Patton, this film just didn't strike a chord with me. I found it a bit dull, and the action a bit uninventive.

I was expecting more from Hooper, really.

It's like a mash-up of the Exorcist, the Goonies, a zombie flick and a slasher film. That actually sounds really good, but it just didn't work in practice.

Not a film I'd be likely to watch again, but I have to admit to cracking a smile now and again, especially at some of the blood spewing scenes.

Image: Echo Bridge Entertainment


Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Howling (1981)

"The Howling" (1981, Daniel H. Blatt, Joe Dante) is a werewolf movie.

Karen White (scream queen Dee Wallace) is a news anchor-woman on the hunt for a brutal serial killer. When she finally has him cornered, something scary happens and she is left traumatised. The killer is shot dead.

She attends a retreat known as 'The Colony', prescribed to her by her Doctor, Dr. Waggner (Patrick Macnee). The retreat is strange and full of questionable people, including some familiar horror faces. Soon, Karen begins to suspect that something sinister is going on at the Colony, but then again she could just be crazy...

A very slow start marred this film for me somewhat, but the effects and costumes are really excellent (which isn't surprising, considering Mr. Bottin later went on to make all those wonderful nasties for 'The Thing'). 

 The pace is also picked back up at the end.

It's certainly no replacement for 'American Werewolf in London' (made in the same year) as far as werewolf transformation scenes go, but it admittedly had a much smaller budget. With quite a bit of wolfing-out and some really eerie werewolf hands grasping out from dark corners, I'd rate this as one of the best werewolf films out there even today.

Fun and daft, I'm sure a lot of people watch this film just for Elisabeth Brooks' nude scene! But it's really worth a try if you're in the mood for some good, old-fashioned man-eating-lycanthropes.