Monday, 27 May 2013

The Stuff

"The Stuff" (1985, Larry Cohen, New World Pictures, Anchor Bay Entertainment) is a schlocky little bit of American 80s B-movie comedy horror.

When a group of miners discover some white gloop bubbling out of the earth what can they do but taste it to discover it's delicious? Soon the stuff is being marketed as a yummy, addictive new dessert called...well, The Stuff!

Quickly replacing ice cream before replacing all food, The Stuff is being eaten obsessively by every family in America! But what is it? And why does it move around so much by itself? It's up to a little boy called Jason (Scott Bloom) and ex-FBI agent David 'Mo' Rutherford (Michael Moriarty) to uncover what is really going on before everyone has been taken over by the sweet dessert and melted from the inside!

Low budget and tongue in cheek, Cohen's satirical homage to the food-horror zombie-conspiracy style is good fun. From the painfully 80s marketing jingle to the scenes where it seems like a good idea to set The Stuff on fire while it's stuck to peoples' faces, it will keep you chuckling, but probably not guffawing.

Definitely not cerebral viewing, but good fun. And it may temporarily put you off eating marshmallow.

[Image: New World Pictures]