Saturday, 14 September 2013


"Dysmorphia" (2012, Andy Stewart, Stay Curious Productions, Koozlick Media) is an award winning horror short from the talented Scottish horror journalist and director, Andy Stewart, which both satisfies the viewer with a horror thrill and theatrically explores some mental health themes.

Our main character (Gordon Holliday) narrates his thoughts as he sits at a table with a bag. We slowly come to realise his horrific intentions (if you haven't guessed from the name of the film) as he reveals his thoughts and also the contents of the bag. Tools, towels, something to bite on...

Dark and artistic, but not in that annoying art student way, this film is clever. While we enjoy some  gore and some very smart cut away scenes which let your imagination go wild and we hear a lot of deliciously sickening sounds, we're never given reason to begin thinking on what the props and effects are. This is the sign of a good film for me. If I start to imagine how they put it together while I'm watching it, it usually means I'm bored of the scene. It all seemed very real and very methodical.

The tension is high and the viewer is with the character through the whole ordeal. While feeling  nauseous, the film keeps your attention rapt. I could barely look away from the screen while also wishing he would just do it quickly.

The acting is intense and very effective, conveying a lot of depth in such a short run time.

The effects are fantastic and have been recognised as such.

The film has a very dark kick of an ending too!

Excellently executed and a fantastic and simple plot. You might want to leave your lunch until later before watching it, though!

If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you can watch it here:You Tube Video

I'm now looking forward to Andy's newest film, "Split".

[Image: Stay Curious Productions]