Saturday, 12 October 2013

Cradle of Fear

"Cradle of Fear" (2001, Alex Chandon, Dani Filth, Pragmatic Pictures ltd.) is a British splatter film starring Dani Filth (Dani Davey) from Cradle of Filth, a band I owe much of my teen years to spent listening to their dark, angry songs. Good times. In fact I still like them. Please don't judge me.

The film is a horror anthology of sorts, similar in layout to "Trick 'r Treat" in that there is an encompassing story, all tales are interlinked, but unlike other anthologies there isn't a narrator.

A series of gruesome murders are seen around town, each in itself a tale. Our encompassing plot follows Detective Inspector Neilson (Edmund Dehn), a troubled and slightly creepy man, as he investigates the murders and attempts to piece things together. Soon he discovers that these new killings are linked to an old case of his, and also his own life.

Gothed up and chalk full of drugs and alcohol the shorts are OTT gory and a little silly. There's also a lot of flashing lights and, of course, some Cradle of Filth tunes. It's certainly not everyone's cup of... whatever, and it's not particularly creative or fantastically pieced together, but it's a mildly entertaining 2 hours of gore, nudity and hammy acting.

Some interesting things are touched on in the plot (including some usual tropes) such as Satanism, goth sub-culture, child abuse, rape, insanity, drugs, demons, body issues, sex, love, murder, obsession and online snuff porn. Pretty much what you would expect from this film! But it's certainly not cerebral viewing and definitely lives on my 'switch-off-brain-gore-fest' shelf.

[Image: Pragmatic Pictures, ltd.]