Thursday, 28 November 2013

Trick or Treat (1986)

"Trick or Treat" (1986, Charles Martin Smith, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group) is a high school outcast movie with a rock star ghost causing mayhem.

Eddie (Marc Price) is a rocker and a loser at school. He's put upon by the jocks, ignored by the girls, and is basically having a bad time.
His one release is his obsession with music and his idolisation of his favourite metal legend, devil worshipping Sammi Curr (Tony Dean Fields). Although poor Eddie's life seems shattered when he learns of his idol's death in a fire.

In his despair, he visits his radio DJ friend, Nuke (Gene Simmons. Yes, Gene Simmons!), who gives him a special gift; the last live record recorded by Sammi. What a nice dude!

Eddie skips off home to first go through some agonising ritual humiliation at the hands of his high school bullies, and then to listen to his new single.

As it would turn out, ol' Sammi is somehow haunting the record, and is able to communicate and later manifest through the powers of awesome and studded leather catsuits. However, it would seem that Sammi's not just out to avenge Eddie's bullies, or cause metal music havok but also to just kill people for fun. Eddie vows to put a stop to it, but how can he, now that the song is being played at the High School Halloween dance?!

A bit of fun with appearances from Ozzy Osbourne and the aforementioned role by Simmons. There's lots of electric shocks, fun 80s metal riffs, bad one liners and backwards messages. If you don't like this film, you're just not one of my kind of people, I'm afraid! Cheesy, trashy fun for the win!

[Image: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group]