Tuesday, 27 October 2015


"Cube" (1997, Vincenzo Natali, Odeon Films, Viacom Canada, Ontario Film Development Corporation) is a Canadian sci-fi horror about a bunch of strangers finding themselves inexplicably locked in a cubic, booby trapped prison.

The only way to escape is to work together, but can everyone hold it together long enough to survive?

Cube is a low budget film, and if you're looking for flaws you'll find them; the sets are all the same with different lighting, the traps are relatively simple and the premise and plot don't develop much. However, it doesn't stop me from loving this film. It's a clever film. While the premise and setting are both simple, the characters develop, creating intrigue as each reveals more and more of their increasingly flawed personalities. Each new room has a sense of threat and builds excellent and claustrophobic tension as we travel through the deadly maze.

"Cube" plays out as an interesting character study with a sci-fi setting and manages to remain engaging despite its limited setting.

[Image: Odeon Films, et al]