Wednesday, 8 November 2017


"Parallel" (2016. Ieva Makselyte, Parallel Entertainment) is a supernatural thriller about alternate dimensions and love.

Heather (Faye Sewell) is chatted up by Neil (David Magowan) at a party. The couple hit it off and suddenly they enter a bit of whirlwind romance. Their whirlwind is stopped, however, when they encounter a mysterious psychic called Machlis (Brian Carter) who tells them about the parallel world; a world similar, and yet different from our own where there are parallel versions of us living different lives.

Heather is fascinated, and although Neil is not convinced initially, he too becomes interested after a session with Machlis. They find that their parallel lives are very different. In this reality, they do not meet one another at the eventful birthday party, and instead become romantically involved with much less savoury people.

Having both become obsessed with following their alternate lives, Heather and Neil risk losing everything. And there's that ever hanging thread of doubt that what they're experiencing is even real...

An interesting premise that's handled well for a low budget, indy film. The characters have some good chemistry and there are a few twists and turns in the plot. However, there are a few sound issues which are distracting and take a little away from the quality of the film.

The film won semi-final status at Los Angeles Cinefest 2016 and is available to stream on Amazon UK and Amazon Video.

[Image: Parallel Entertainment]