Saturday, 5 January 2013

REC 3: Genesis

"REC 3: Genesis" (2012, Paco Plaza, Canal+ España, Filmax) is the third installment in the 'REC' franchise. This sequel takes the setting out of the house in Barcelona, and instead to the wedding of Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martin) in a large country estate. The film setting is in parallel with both first and second "REC" films.

The first thing which struck me about this film was that it has taken an almost "Evil Dead 2" turn into gory comedy! The film does still use the 'Found footage' film technique, whether it be by mobile phones, the professional wedding camera man's footage or Koldo's cousin Adrián (Àlex Monne)'s camera. However, for some of the film, they have resorted to a normal third person filming style.

I liked this film. It was funny, gory, linked and yet completely separate from the other films in the series. You could happily watch this film as a stand alone. The two main characters are good fun and the action remains high energy. Although, they maybe tried a little too hard to create a "Resident Evil" 'Alice' character in the form of Clara.

I would say that this film loses something for the franchise, but as a film alone, it's pretty entertaining but not really very scary.

[Image: Canal+ España]