Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Brain Damage

"Brain Damage" (1988, Frank Henenlotter, Palisades Entertainment, Ventura Distribution) is from the twisted mind of Frank Henenlotter who is also responsible for "Basket Case", so you have to understand what you're going in to before you click 'play'.

Brian (Rick Hearst) becomes addicted to (and accomplice of) a gross little parasitic creature called Aylmer (terrifically voiced by John Zacherle) that can inject highly addictive mind altering fluids directly into people's brains and also eats human brains. Basically, he likes brains.

Definitely a story about drug addiction, the gore is delivered in classic late 80s B-movie fashion with buckets of innuendo on top for good measure.

Funny, sleazy, disgusting and like a bit of a bad drug trip itself, if you don't like the sound of a film about phallic-like slug monster that eats brains, you probably want to avoid "Brain Damage". However, if you think that sounds hilarious then you're probably as weird as me.

[Image: Palisades Entertainment]