Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lesbian Vampire Killers

"Lesbian Vampire Killers" or just "Vampire Killers" (2009, Phil Claydon, Alliance Films, Velvet Bite, AV Pictures, GEM Global, Momentum Pictures) is a rather crude British Horror comedy.

Taking inspiration from 70s Hammer Horror films, British Lads Mags and English lad humour, the film's plot needs very little in the way of explaining:

Two down-on-their-luck nitwits (James Corden & Mathew Horne) go for a hike in the fake Norfolk town of Cragwich where they meet a group of overly friendly, sexy female foreign students in their rather girly VW campervan.

The group head to a small cottage for the night only to find that they have been sent there by the locals to satisfy the hungry group of cursed Lesbian Vampire super-babes who dwell in the woods.

A tongue in cheek affair with some natty camera work and a lot of unsatisfyingly white vampire gloop (if you're not going to dust like a decent vampire, the least you could do is go up in flames or explode in a great big fountain of blood!) But that's not to say that I didn't enjoy it. As long as you're looking for juvenile boob, fart and dick jokes, you'll be satisfied.

Not the best British horror comedy film but it's funny in places. If you're one of those people who are easily offended, though, I'd sit this one out.

I did enjoy the schlocky 70s style credits, though!

[Image: Momentum Pictures]