Sunday, 4 August 2013

Zombie With a Shotgun

"Zombie With a Shotgun" (2012, Hilton Ariel Ruitz, FilmBrewery) is a zombie themed web series.

We meet Aaron (Braeden Baade, a man with a fine set of arms! Those are good arms to have) and his girlfriend, Rachel (Lynnea Molone), who are caught in the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately Aaron has been infected by "some kind of virus" and appears to be heading for zombiedom.

In the first episode we find out how Aaron comes to be in the possession of a shotgun. Now, zombies toting firearms is not a new idea, we've seen it in Romero's "Day of the Dead" for example, but it's certainly interesting to see someone slowly becoming a zombie with a gun and find out what they will do with it when they get there.

At only 4-6 minutes long each the episodes are snappy and short keeping the viewer entertained. A dark atmosphere is still successfully built up despite the short run-time, with the use of some effective scoring, dark sets and the presence of vigilante human characters who constantly threaten our protagonist's existence.

Perhaps a little slow in plot and with a surprising lack of gore for a zombie film, the series focusses more on the gradual degradation of our leading man and his relationship with Rachel, than it does on gory fight scenes.

The acting is professional and the editing of the final product is shiny with a gritty realism. The makeup and prosthetics are effective and quite traditional, reminiscent of the older, less drool-y zombies. The special effects appear to be all physical, too (yay!).

A good Indie series with excellent potential for transforming into a larger series!

Catch episodes of the series here: 

[Image: FilmBrewery]