Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Pact

"The Pact" (2012, Nicholas McCarthy, Entertainment One, IFC Midnight, ContentFilm International) is an American haunted house horror.

Nicole (Agnes Bruckner) and Annie (Caity Lotz) are sisters. Their mother has died and they are reluctantly (and seperately) cleaning out the old house. They both had unhappy childhoods and do not want to be there.

When Nicole disappears whilst in the house, Annie goes to investigate, and look after Nicole's young daughter. It isn't long before Annie, Nicole's babysitter and a cop are all investigating the strange happenings of the house.

They seek the help of Stevie (Haley Hudson), a strange girl who can see things... Mainly dead people.... and she helps them to uncover a whole heap of creep.

It's a typical modern horror film. Bumps, jumps and dodgy camera angles. One thing I'll say is that the director does keep us watching, and often does not give all of the jumps when they're expected. I like that. I don't want it to be too predictable.

The gore and effects are good and there's a fair few jumps that aren't as cheapy thrilly as we've seen with other modern horrors recently.

However, the plot is just too tropey and dumb. I didn't love the reveal so much, and have to say that it's a pretty basic modern horror that's geared more to the non-horror fan who may be up for a horror for a change rather than anyone actually interested in being scared.

Tame, but not the worst.

[Image: Entertainment One]