Sunday, 1 February 2015

IndieGoGo Campaign: Redacted

"Redacted" will become the 4th short horror by talented Scottish writer and director, Andy Stewart. Andy and his team at Shining Example Films are the geniuses who brought us "Dysmorphia", "Split" and "Ink" - a body horror trilogy of shorts that are bound to make you regret eating lunch!

Catch my reviews of them here:
"Redacted" will move away from the body horror genre and venture into more sci-fi realms, but the story (or what we know of it so far) will not be any less visually exciting or the effects lose any of the wicked crunch we have enjoyed in his previous works (especially since Grant Mason is on board again).

So, if you support Independent film and independent horror, and if you loved Andy's previous films and would like to see him do something different, and if you love horror and want to see something worthwhile from one of the industry's promising people and if you love the gorgeous and talented Tristan Risk ("American Mary") and the disturbingly talented Laurence R. Harvey ("Human Centipede 2 and 3"), then get your ass over to IndieGoGo to support this project!

It's going to be a belter!

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