Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Stomach

"The Stomach" (2015, Ben Steiner, FUME FILMS) is a short horror film standing at fifteen minutes of sheer absurd entertainment.

Frank (Simon Meacock) is a medium who can communicate with the dead in the weirdest way - they speak through his stomach! Frank's brother has been exploiting this talent for financial gain for a while now and Frank is fed up with it. However, when some bad people start using his service to gain information from a dead friend with a grudge, both the living and the dead try to stop Frank from freeing himself.

A mix of body horror, schlock horror and ghostliness, this film is not afraid to be different and out there. The concept is easily as fun and weird as "Basketcase" or other genre greats. The effects are fun, the plot is strange and the short runtime make it a snappy, different head turner.

[Image: FUME Films]