Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Tour

"The Tour" (2014, Alex Mathieson, Damon Rickard, Raedar Productions) is a short horror film that is 15 minutes long.

This compact little film crams a practically whole film plot into its small runtime. But it does this without feeling rushed.

Two young American girls, Cassie (Heather Dorff) and Morgan (Jessica Cameron), are doing a European tour. They have landed in England and have joined a haunted house tour in a small, quiet town. Darkmoor House is the key highlight of the tour; it's steeped in mysterious deaths and disappearances, however, unfortunately the tour does not go inside.

Tom the tour guide (Tom Gordon) takes a shine to Cassie and invites the two flirty girls for a private tour of the house. Once inside, however, things become a lot more sinister than just spooky stories by torchlight...

Managing to create a whole film within 15 minutes without coming a rushed mess is impressive. The scenes are remarkably well shot and the full product is well put together. Whilst the plot came across as quite average, there were actually a couple of well placed twists that made the short stand out against other haunted house stories, and the acting was very competent and believable with every character defining their own personality.

The scenes within the house were effective, if low budget, and there was even a nice jump or two that had the room of viewers twitch.

Scream queens Heather and Jessica, who acted together on other projects, create a good team and a lot of screams. The film benefitted from having a classic feel to it without being too predictable, and came together very effectively.

[Image: Raedar Productions]