Saturday, 7 March 2015

Done In

"Done In" (2014, Adam Stephen Kelly, Dark Art Films, DGL Creative) is a miniature masterpiece in story telling.

Standing at just about 8 minutes long, this film manages to build up character, emotion, a story and also deliver a swift kick to the gut within a split second.

Set in an English manor house, we see a man (Guy Henry) lovingly writing a suicide note to his dearly departed wife. He writes of their lives, his fond memories, his sad memories, his regrets with his son, how much he misses her and will join her. Through the wording of the letter, the glances of photographs and ornaments in the room and the beautiful house we begin to feel that we know this man, and we get a fantastic insight into his character in a remarkably small time... or do we?

An absolutely masterful short that is bound to surprise you and make you expel a shocked laugh. This piece is one of the best shorts I've seen in a while!

[Image: Dark Art Films]