Saturday, 30 May 2015

They Live

"They Live" (1988, John Carpenter, Alive Films, Larry Franco Productions, Universal Pictures) is a satirical alien movie.

Nada ('Rowdy' Roddy Piper) is a drifter looking for work. He finally lands a construction job in L.A. and becomes friends with fellow worker, Frank (Keith David). Nada is convinced that there is something very wrong with the modern world's balance of power and wealth, and he's proven correct when he finds a pair of sunglasses which allow him to see the shocking true faces and harsh reality of the world: we are not alone and we are not in control.

The world is a scary place full of subliminal, brain washing adverts and Nada is determined to do something about it. He and Frank set on a journey to make the world aware of their alien overlords and put an end to it.

A fun 80s film with a tongue-in-cheek message about society, some really iconic alien effects and a great, cheesy score. You've got to love Roddy Piper as our classic B-movie hero, spouting one liners and strutting about.

Whilst, yes, it remains firmly planted by its B-movie roots: cheesy acting, some slow scenes, less than perfect effects - "They Live" remains a fabulous cult movie which is both watchable and enjoyable.

I love it!

[image: Alive Films]

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