Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Daughters of Darkness

"Daughters of Darkness" (1971, Harry Kümel) is an erotic Belgian vampire movie made in English.

Newly weds, Stefan (John Karlen) and Valerie (Danielle Ouimet), are on their honeymoon. They stop at a grand and lavish hotel in Belgium planning to spend the night there and then catch the ferry to England in the morning. The couple are experiencing some tension as Stefan seems reluctant to introduce his new wife to his mother.

The concierge explains that hotel is empty as it is off-season and that the couple have the place essentially to themselves. Well, mostly. There is always the Countess, Elizabeth Báthory (Delphine Seyrig) who shows up after dark in all her splendour with her secretary, Ilona (Andrea Rau). The countess takes an unhealthy interest in the young couple, becoming obsessed with them.

Valerie and Stefan come across a gruesome murder and learn of others. By the time they see the Countess' true nature it could very well be too late.

A very strange film that manages to be both classy and campy at the same time. This film has beautiful scenery, exquisite costumes and erotic horror elements. It's a real hybrid of a film. I feel that this film acted as inspiration to AHS' Hotel season;a  lonely hotel, creepy staff and the halls haunted by the presence of a beautiful, polite and sinister femme fatale vampire wearing fabulous outfits.

Sinister, sensual and dark, "Daughters of Darkness" manages to engage whilst retaining its Art House charms.