Sunday, 21 February 2016

Frankenstein (2015)

"Frankenstein" aka "Frank3nst3in" (2015, Bernard Rose, Bad Badger, Summerstorm Entertainment, Eclectic Pictures) is a modernised retelling of the classic novel by Mary Shelley.

Set in the present day in LA, a couple of mad scientist lovers (Carrie-Anne Moss and Danny Huston) and their pal 3D Print a fully grown man (Xavier Samuel) in their home lab. They initially celebrate their successes and attempt to nurture the creature (known, of course, as Adam) in a somewhat disturbing few scenes of nursing and screaming. But soon they realise that they have made an error in their calculations and their beautiful creation is becoming both inhumanly strong and grotesquely disfigured as his cells begin to degenerate.

The creature escapes into the world where he is unaccepted and severely mistreated by strangers, forced to scrounge for food, living homeless and without any understanding of the world. He makes a friend in a kind and wise, blind homeless man (Tony Todd) who teaches him to speak and helps him survive the city streets. However, his monstrous appearance and strength get the better of him frequently as he tries to get back to his creators.

This film boasts some recognisable faces, a poignant update on the classic monster tale and manages to make the humans the true villains of the piece (just like the original), but suffers from a low-ish budget and somewhat boring, meandering scenes. The narration is also somewhat confusing, giving us the impression that the monster has a differing future, and gains full conversational skills. I'm sure it's meant to be his internal monologue which would be how he'd like to sound, but for me it made the ending seem confusing, abrupt and a little disappointing.

This film is a straight to DVD release.

[Image: Bad Badger, et al]