Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Murder Party

"Murder Party" (2007, Magnolia Pictures, Jeremy Saulnier) is a "horror" "comedy" based in Brooklyn, New York.... I bought this film for three reasons:
  1. It was cheap and had free shipping
  2. The cover looked entertaining
  3. It had one of those terrible horror names (a fact the film itself makes a nod to by including a video tape called "Scarewolf" in the plot)
A strange and lonely man called Christopher (Chris Sharp), who lives with his cat (who seems to own the sofa), finds an invitation to a Halloween party called "The Murder Party" on the street and decides to go... He makes a Halloween costume out of duct tape and some cardboard and sets off.

He gets to the secluded spot to find a bunch of scene-kid 'artists' wearing Halloween costumes (some of which are recognisable), toting weapons... It turns out that the scensters are looking to murder someone in the name of 'art', and Christopher has accidentally volunteered!

I'm sure they were going for 'ironically uncomfortable.'.. What they got was 'normal uncomfortable'. This film is not funny, at all. The only thing really going for it were some fairly okay low-budget gruesome moments (the "wolfman" getting burnt so badly his mask melted to his face being particularly yucky and some axe through the face action being quite impressively accomplished).

The film is way too quiet, and other than setting up quite a good 'weirdo' lead character in Christopher, the film achieved very little. The 'Patron' character is kind of like a badly written Will Ferrill character, and the scensters are just too lifelike to be satirical.

A film made by scene kids, taking the piss out of scene kids, for the enjoyment of scene kids makes very little sense... Quite frankly it wasn't entertaining in the least and it will be joining "The Thirst" in the charity bag.

On the other hand, it's an independent film made by people with next to no money, so in that respect, well done! The special effects are actually pretty impressive considering, and the relative idea behind the film could be sinister. Unfortunately, it's just not achieved in the product, and even I won't inflict this DVD on anyone else.

[Picture: The Lab of Madness & Magnolia Pictures]