Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bride of Chucky

"Bride of Chucky" (1998, David Kirschner, Ronny Yu, Universal Pictures) is the fourth film in the franchise.

Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) is an ex-girlfriend and admirer of murderer, Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray (Brad Dourif). She's followed his devious escapades since becoming Chucky the Killer Doll and has found a way to source the, now dismembered doll parts, planning to stitch them back together and restore Chucky’s soul to the doll.

She expects him to propose to her in gratitude and also because she had mistakenly thought he had planned to propose before his voodoo transformation in the first film.

Upon learning that he doesn’t wish to marry her, Tiffany cages Chucky in a playpen prison and taunts him with an ugly doll bride. Sadly for her, Chucky still has his voodoo skills and he kills her, trapping her inside the body of the doll.

Putting aside their differences, they then go on a murderous road trip with two eloping teens (Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile) that are unaware of their stowaway passenger’s killing spree, believing them to inanimate dolls.

“Bride of Chucky” is a horror comedy with some gore and a lot of in-jokes and nods to other horrors as well as the Child’s Play series itself. This is a film for the fans, and even then not everyone will like it.

I do love Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, both as her evil self and in doll form. Not to mention I reckon Brad Dourif’s maniacal laugh is even better as the films go on.

Excellent effects, as I can only expect from the Child’s Play franchise and a good, if thin, plot.

It’s not a great film and it's certainly not scary, but it’s not trying to be. Falling into the so-bad-it’s-good-category was clearly the director’s aim, and I think it goes a long way in saving the series from falling into the trapping of constantly recreating the wheel.

Plus Chucky and Tiff make a cute little homicidal couple!

[Image: Universal Pictures]