Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dead Mary

"Dead Mary" (2007, Robert Wilson, 235 Films, Alarco Ent., Genius Product) is about a group of young people who head to a remote cabin in the woods for a drunken reunion now that they're all older and working. However, once together they begin to play dares. One such dare being to each head into the bathroom and chant 'Dead Mary' in the mirror three times to call on the cursed spirit.

I expected more from this film if I'm honest. It took forever to get started! I've never seen a forest/camping horror movie take so long to get some carnage on the screen!

Even when they did begin the "Bloody Mary"/"Candyman" knock off game, it was all tension with minimal payout and kind of left me wishing I'd watched "Cabin Fever" instead...

The characters are the usual unlikeable archetypes, but with more moaning than I'm used to.  

Not only are all the good bits off screen, there is no sign of a creepy 'Dead Mary' ghost anywhere and instead they tried to recreate the Evil Dead's deadites rather than do the sensible thing and have a creepy Onryo-esque chick in white, covered in blood, hunting them all down.

Professionally filmed and the acting is good. But, the film is just generally disappointing.

[Image: 235 Films]