Thursday, 11 July 2013

Return to Horror High

 "Return to Horror High" (1987, Bill Froehlich, New World Pictures) is about a low budget horror movie set which is set up at the abandoned Crippen High School to make a film about the mysterious murders that happened there five years prior. However, whilst filming, several crew and cast members mysteriously disappear. Could the murderer still be on the loose?

An odd film, I had been told it was going to be ‘right up my street’, but sadly it was more of a cul-de-sac on a few rows up from ‘my street’. Sure it’s corny, cheesy, pretty wooden, full of unabashed innuendo, blood soaked and benign, but it’s also boring and I like my cheesy horror comedies to be... well... funny!

I was surprised to find a young George Clooney in it though!

A few good scenes are ruined by long intervals of boredom, but it was a valiant attempt at a change in the stagnant genre that is the ‘Teen Slasher’.

Having the killer in yellow marigold gloves, though, that is just genius and if you’re in the mood for something random and a bit different this could be the one for you!

On the whole it’s a bit of a mixed bag and definitely lives in the what-the-hell-did-I-just-watch?! pile.

[Image: New World Pictures]