Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sometimes They Come Back

"Sometimes They Come Back" (1991, Tom McLoughlin) is a horror thriller based on a short story by Stephen King.

Jim Norman (Tim Matheson) is a high school history teacher who has returned to his home town 27 years after the brutal killing of his elder brother, Wayne (Chris Demetral), at the hands of older bullies, who also died that day. He has accepted a job at the local high school and brought his wife, Sally (Brooke Adams), and young son, Scott (Robert Hy Gorman) with him. Upon moving back into his childhood home, he begins to hear and see spooky things. Things that remind him of that terrible day in his past. However, when some new students enter his class; kids that he recognises, kids who he remembers from his past, who can't possibly be really there, he realises that things aren't as they appear.

The film is undeniably cheesy, but manages a distinct charm and covers some pretty sad themes. The acting is pretty solid and, as much as it has that 'movie of the week' feel to it, I enjoyed it. The plot uses a lot of flashbacks but they are well paced throughout, teasing the backstory without getting too samey. And the antics of the murderous, ghostly, teen gang were entertaining, if dark.