Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Boy (2015)

"The Boy" (2015, Craig Macneill, SpectreVision, Chiller Films) is a film about a troubled, lonely boy.

Ted (Jared Breeze) lives with his father (David Morse), who runs a declining roadside motel. Ted's father is depressed and alone, having been left by his wife, and knows his business is going downhill. His preoccupied mental state means he is not giving Ted much attention and Ted begins to make his own entertainment...

A really slow moving film that begins to build tension with uncomfortable scenes of calculated darkness from our young protagonist. The introduction of Rainn Wilson's mysterious character acts as a catalyst for the more disturbing content. However, it's the behaviour of some of the other 'more mature' characters that was truly horrific, in my opinion.

Although it's more thriller than horror, I was left with a surprising, hollow, shell-shocked feeling after this film. It really hit a chord.

[Image: SpectreVision]
Hani x