Tuesday, 8 March 2016


"Beneath" (2007, Dagen Merrill, MTV Films) is a straight-to-DVD thriller horror centring on a troubled young woman.

Christy and her elder sister, Vanessa (Carly Pope), are driving home from visiting their parents' grave when they are in a horrific car accident. Although both girls survive, Vanessa is severely disfigured by the accident and eventually dies whilst in the care of her doctor husband. Christy (Nora Zehetner) has a breakdown during the funeral, believing her sister to have been buried alive.

Years later, Christy returns to her home town where her little niece tells her that there is something dark living in the house. Christy, who is plagued by horrible visions and nightmares relating to her sister, tries to help the little girl investigate. As she digs deeper she reveals a more convoluted tragedy is lurking in the old house.

A really low budget film that suffers from a slow narrative, very little action and textbook plot. Although the film is very largely forgettable, it certainly isn't the worst one out there and manages a few genuine jumps along the way. But in the main, it doesn't break any new ground and seems a little hollow.

[Image: MTV Films]