Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Boy (2016)

"The Boy" (2016, William Brent Bell, Huayi Brothers Pictures, Lakeshore Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, STX Entertainment) is a horror thriller set in England.

Greta (Lauren Cohan) is a young American woman who's come over to England to work as a nanny for Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire (Jim Norton and Diana Hardcastle) and their son, Brahms. She arrives at the large, grand, country house to find it empty, except for the local green grocer, Malcolm (Ruper Evans), who takes a fancy to her. Eventually the Heelshire's arrive home and introduce her to her charge, Brahms, and explain her routine and responsibilities. To Greta's surprise, Brahms, is not at all what she expected and her job is weirder than she could have anticipated.

A fun, jumpy film with some nice twists and turns and a strong lead character who pulls off the scared female role and the fight or flight mode really well. The jarring change in direction the film takes could be seen as unwanted by some viewers, but I appreciated the change in pace. The setting is perfect, and although the film overuses some tropes (dream sequences, for example), it is creative, if not ground breaking. It was an enjoyable 98 minutes.

[Image: Huayi Brothers Pictures]