Sunday, 29 April 2012

Alien Apocalypse

"Alien Apocalypse" (Sci-Fi Pictures, 2005, Josh Becker) is another gem from my Bruce Campbell collection.
A story about some astonauts who return from a 40-year mission (mainly spent in cryogenic stasis to avoid aging) to Earth to find that the world has been overrun by large bug-like "Termite" aliens and that all humans have become their slaves in Timber mills.
Bruce Campbell stars as Dr. Ivan Hood, a Oesteopathic doctor who hopes to return to Earth to become a 'Great Healer'. Hood's a big-headed jerk, so naturally I think he's awesome!
The other astronauts Kelly (Renée O'Connor) who is a favourite of Sam Raimi and has appeared in Darkman 2, Alex (Remington Franklin) and Chuck (Michael Cory Davis) join Hood in his return.
Soon the 4 are whittled down to 2 and we are left with our heroic couple Hood and Kelly, who attempt to escape capture and rid the world of the alien scourge!
I was impressed with the level of special effects in this movie. Bear in mind it's a made-for-TV film, so don't go expecting anything too sofisticated. I had a gander at the making-of bonus bits and was pleased to see physical props of the aliens and also some good beheading action!
The 'mites' have a penchant for eating human's heads whole, with some good bloody-spurting effects!
I didn't understand the 'muzzling' thing... it didn't seem to be very effective and just looked daft.
All in all a nice typical sci-fi channel movie with some handsomely tongue-cheek-quotes:
"Human traitor (or Bounty Hunter): Ungh... you said you're a doctor. You're supposed to heal people.
Dr. Ivan Hood: [After shooting the guy with a crossbow] I am. Your stupidity is terminal. And now you're cured" [Hunter dies]
And remember, another comedy, don't go in looking for scares...there are none!
 (Picture: Sci Fi Pictures)