Monday, 30 April 2012

My Name is Bruce

"My Name is Bruce" (2007, Bruce Campbell, Dark Horse Entertainment)

Well I think I saved the best for last in the Boxset! I laughed my way through this film. I even had to shut the blinds as I live on the ground floor and I seemed to be attracting a bit of an audience!

The plot centres around Bruce Campbell the B-movie actor with a definite cult status, who is kidnapped by a small town called Gold Lick when some teenage metallers accidentally unleash the Chinese demon Guan-di (who is protecting a collapsed mine shaft where many Chinese settlers had died, and who is also the 'patron saint' of bean curd...) while trying to score with some teenage goth chicks.

Only one of said teenagers survives, Jeff (Taylor Sharpe), who is a huge Bruce Campbell fan. It is he who recommends Bruce as the town's saviour (because obviously, after battling all those Deadites and space termites, he's clearly just the guy for the job!).

Bruce's 'Bruce' character is currently depressed and is mainly drunk. I'm not even going to pretend to know much about Mr. Campbell's off-screen-life, so I'm going to presume this was character development with some exaggerated themes.

He plays along with the 'act' of fighting Guan-di because he believes it is a joke, and also because he fancies Jeff's mum, Kelly (Grace Thorsen).

Guan-di was made purposely fakey, but it's done in a nod-nod-wink-wink kind of way. All in all, this is a comedy and is a nice nod to the fans.

Good times.

 (Picture: Dark Horse Entertainment)