Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Creepshow 2

"Creepshow 2" (1987, Michael Gornick, Stephen King, New World Pictures) is the second installment in the "Creepshow" collection.

This movie consists of three mini-movies part-narrated by The Creep (Tom Savini in make up with Joe Silver as the voice).

The film is laid out around a comic book (we also follow the life of young Billy, the boy who buys the comic) called "Creepshow", in the same style as the original film. All the shorts are based on Stephen King stories, but this time there are only 3 stories; "Old Chief Wooden Head", "The Raft" and "The Hitch Hiker".

"Old Chief Wooden Head" is a nice 'revenge-of-the-spirits' story about a Native American wooden statue who reaps revenge on some unruly teens who kill an old shop owner and his wife (George Kennedy and Dorthy Lamour). Nicely accomplished with some brilliant props!

"The Raft" is an awesome piece about some kids on spring break heading out to swim in a lake and instead becoming lunch for the creature that dwells there. I loved the effects for this too! Nicely simple, and yet oh so complex!

"The Hitch Hiker" is a nicely paced tale with a good moral and some gorey effects.

All in all, I find this film to be enjoyable. I'm a big fan of "Creepshow" and am happy to conclude that "Creepshow 2" keeps up the pace and style.

I also recommend having a glance at the 'Making of' extras on the DVD, as the props and special effects are really fun!

[Picture: New World Pictures]