Friday, 4 May 2012


"Fido" (2006, Andrew Currie, Anagram Pictures) is the Canadian tale about a boy and his zombie, in the way that one would usually expect a tale about a boy and his dog.

Timmy Robinson (K'Sun Ray) is the boy and Fido (Billy Connolly) is his zombie.

The three main reasons I love this gloriously grisly horror comedy:
1) Zombies
2) Billy Connolly (I'm Scottish remember)
3) It's set in the '50s (I love the 50s, just check my wardrobe for proof!)

The zombie "apocalypse" has been and gone, and thanks to "Zomcon" (a corporation who have patented a collar which turns psychopathic zombies into slave-like-menial-workers) the world has moved on. Although, when you die, you will become a zombie.

Every respectable household owns at least one zombie servant. All except the Robinson family, who had up until recently, when Helen Robinson (Carrie-Anne Moss) decided to get a zombie to impress the new neighbours, avoided zombie contact due to Mr Robinson (Dylan Baker)'s fear of the undead or kinemortophobia. Understandable really, but in this 'verse, it's weird.

I enjoy this movie's quirky storytelling, love affairs and awesome zombie murder scenes. Everything is gloriously colourful and very '50s.

We of course have our gruesome murders, zombie-napping and mass hysteria! As well as our cheerful story about Timmy and his new friend... and some other disturbing zombie love...

The odd thing about this movie is how turvy topsy it is. You wind up routing for Helen, who finally takes notice in young Timmy's life, and of course Fido. But really, aside from his terrible choice in presents, general lack of interest and scary obsession with funerals, Timmy's dad, Bill, is the most sane person in this odd universe!

You can hear Billy Connolly's Glasgow twang under his zombie tones, which I find hilarious!

In my view, this is a movie everyone should see at least once!

(Picture: Anagram Pictures)