Sunday, 13 May 2012


"Pieces" or "Mil gritos tiene la noche" (1982, Juan Piquer Simón, Grindhouse Releasing) is a completely nutty gore-slasher-sleaze-fest from Spain.

I first came across this movie at an 'All-night-Horror-madness' movie night at the Grosvenor Cinema in Ashton Lane in Glasgow's West End. I've been to a few of these now and I have to say, I have never been bored :)
 Plus there's nothing quite like a horror movie night to meet other like-minded people and enjoy a cinema full of screaming, laughing, applauding, enthusiastically crazy people! Really an experience I would recommend! (Also this girl brought muffins; it was a great night)

I went to the movie night with a handful of horror-loving buddies (and a few friends of theirs who I had not known beforehand). We chuckled our way through this amazing flick and then blearily (and ever so hungoverly) made our way home after another 3 bat-shit-crazy movies.

Pretty much this movie is about a kid who loves jigsaw puzzles (of naked women) and also killing people (mainly women), and how when he grows up he decides to merge his two favourite things together.

There's screams, chainsaws, OTT gore, naked women, creepy people, bloody suspicious characters, red herrings, tits, inappropriately racial stereotyped martial arts instructors, awkward teenage love and... an unrealistic end scene. What more could you want?!

Also watch out for Willard (Paul L. Smith), he's bound to make you laugh with his wild, suspicious and very intense facial expressions!

[Picture: Grindhouse] What a charming scene!

Hopefully will be returning to the "Creepshow" theme tomorrow night!