Monday, 28 May 2012

Lost Boys: The Thirst

"Lost Boys: The Thirst" (2010, Warner Bros, Dario Piana) is the third Lost Boys movie. If you've read my April review of the original Lost Boys, you'd know two things;
1) I love "Lost Boys"
2) I love Corey Feldman

But, note I have not watched "Lost Boys: The Tribe"... despite having Corey Feldman in it, I've just never gotten around to it... it looked that bad!

So this movie is pretty much Corey Feldman running around dressed like he's still in the 80s and he's still a 16 year old kid. Edgar Frog still has the same gruff voice which Batman stole for the new movies, and is still pretty much useless at killing vampires (while also being surprisingly efficient at killing vampires).

The vampires are still uber-goth rejects with big teeth and terrible one-liners and the updated soundtrack is enjoyably reminiscient of the original film.

Jamison Newlander returns to the role of Alan Frog, who has now gone half-vampire after a bit of an error during a vampire-nest raid. He doesn't get to be as glamourous a vamp as Michael was, and instead spends the movie being gross with bad hair and a scowl.

Corey, as I mentioned, is still rockin' the 80s look, living in a caravan (or that would be 'trailer' in America) and has seemed to have forgotten how to brush his hair. I spent most of the movie brushing my own red locks behind my ears in a desperate attempt to get the message through the tv. Funnily enough, it didn't work.

Casey B. Dolan plays Zoe, the part-time comic book shop girl, part-time vampire hunter and full-time admirer of Edgar Frog. I liked her, she was not a terribly annoying female character, which is unusual in modern horror.

Edgar is talked (read as 'paid') into helping out mysterious vampire-teen-trash author, Gwen Lieber (Tanit Phoenix), in the search and rescue of her brother whom she believes has been turned into a half-vampire.

Edgar arms for bear and along with a reality TV personality, Gwen, Zoe and a really useless cameraman, and goes in to battle at the nightclub where everyone appears to be turning into vampires. As usual, the aim is to kill the head vampire, and naturally, there's a twist.

Some terrible one-liners with wonderfully straight-faced delivery and some pretty good 'grr-ing' from Mr. Feldman just made this movie for me. Plus, who doesn't like a good vampire explosion???? But let's get this straight, it's not a patch on the original's just better than the second one.

A few nods to the late Corey Haim who had not been able to be in the movie anyway before he passed away in 2010 (I am not sure whether Sam's death was mean't to be poignant or not). And some general background story on the other original characters is also included, although not in a way that does any justice to the plot.

If you thought the first one was tongue-in-cheek, be prepared to rip your face open. But it's a pretty good 'turn-off-your-brain' movie.

[Picture: Warner Bros]