Saturday, 4 August 2012

Critters 2

"Critters 2: The Main Course" (1988, Mick Garris, New Line Cinema) is the second installment of the Critters series. I reviewed "Critters" back in April of this year, so maybe check out that review before reading this one! Also, I enjoy that this film came out the year I was born!

I liked "Critters" but "Critters 2" is way better! Pretty much, poor old Bradley Brown (Scott Grimes), the boy (who cried wolf) from the first movie, has returned to Grover's Bend to visit his grandmother. But, as in all horror movie sequels, his return spells bad news for the town as the Crites return for another snack!

Two eejits have found some mysterious looking eggs in the old Brown residence and have decided to sell them as Easter Eggs. Did I mention this film is set at Easter? No? Well, now you know!

The eggs are, you've guessed it, Critter eggs and soon begin to hatch little headghog-rat-pirhana aliens of doom!

Charlie McFadden (Don Keith Opper), the town drunk from the first movie, has become an alien bounty hunter joining our two alien bounty hunters Ug (Terrence Mann) and Lee (faceless dude at this point, but later transforms into Roxanne Kernohan) from the first film. He returns with his shape-shifting cronies to save the day!

The writers have by this point realised their place in the market as a funny and rougher-edged Gremlins and capitalise on this nicely. Some of the Crites begin to develop personalities and the deadpan and slapstick antics of the hungry, hungry hand-puppets are entertaining and gorey.

The acting's even less wooden in this sequel, and the story is a lot more clean cut and with a love interest, Megan (Liane Alexandra Curtis) for Brad.

Ug and Lee come into their own as characters, too.

The townspeople in these movies are just generally not too bright... the amount of WTF moments is quite high.

Some hilarious and quite brutal death scenes, my favourite has to be the bunny costume one! But you have to watch to see!

Really funny, not really scary and a brilliant sequel to a hilarious B-movie monster comedy. And remember, lots of heads in a ball are better than one, right?

[Picture: New Line Cinema]


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