Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Fog (1980)

"The Fog" (1980, John Carpenter, AVCO Embassy Pictures) is the original and best version of the eerie seaside tale of vengeance, pirates and ghosts.

The plot is simple, there's a small fishing town called Antonio Bay which is celebrating it's 100 year anniversary. On the eve of the anniversary, however, a bad fog rolls in and a lot of unusual disturbances begin to happen across the whole town, some of which prove fatal. Ignoring these signs, the townspeople continue to prepare for their Centennial.

The strange glowing fog returns, and it soon comes to key members of the town's attention that "Something is in the fog!"

A good example of some of John Carpenter's work such as the original "Halloween" and "The Thing", the jumps are infrequent and well paced, always catching you when you're least execting them. There is next to no gore in this film, mostly Carpenter gives you an idea of what's happening and your mind does the rest! I really appreciate this in some films, and find it both classic and exciting as my mind always outdoes most horror film in grossness anyway!

The key townspeople are against the clock to try to stop the fog and its deadly contents. But when digging into the town's history to try to apease it, they might not like what they find out!

Although dated by the film quality and clothes of the day, this film is still a great experience and can still grab your attention when it needs to!

The ghosts are damned polite, knocking before killing you; how considerate!!! And Jamie Lee Curtis gets very friendly with an older man, Tom Atkins. Adrienne Barbeau also showcases her sexy radio voice.

Highly recommend!

[Picture: AVCO Embassy Pictures]