Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Dead Man's Lake

"Dead Man's Lake" (2013, Ben Franklin, Jonny Franklin, Joel Morgan, is a short from the Bloody Cuts free online horror anthology.

Wow, this one blew me away! Set up like an 80s slasher, the opening credits are awesome! The title theme is spot on, the clothing is suitably 80s and yet it's all still very British.

Three friends go camping in the woods near Dodman's Lake. As the couple try to get all snuggly wuggly in their romantic setting, their explosive-obsessed friend is busy running around throwing fireworks.

But, unknown to them, someone else is there with them... Is it all it appears?

A tale with some jumps, some gore and a moral that's actually really heart wrenching, I recommend any slasher fans definitely give this one a look!