Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mortuary (2005)

"Mortuary" (2005, Tobe Hooper, Echo Bridge Entertainment) is the remake of/sequel to 1985's film of the same name.

A family move to an old, dilapidated small-town funeral home with plans to start a new life there. But the mortuary, as well as being gross and creepy, has a dark past and something sinister is still dwelling in the graveyard!

With the exception of some good acting from little Stephanie Patton, this film just didn't strike a chord with me. I found it a bit dull, and the action a bit uninventive.

I was expecting more from Hooper, really.

It's like a mash-up of the Exorcist, the Goonies, a zombie flick and a slasher film. That actually sounds really good, but it just didn't work in practice.

Not a film I'd be likely to watch again, but I have to admit to cracking a smile now and again, especially at some of the blood spewing scenes.

Image: Echo Bridge Entertainment