Tuesday, 16 April 2013


"Prometheus" (2012, Ridley Scott, Twentieth Century Fox, Scott Free, Brandywine) is the almost-a-prequel to the "Alien" movies. It explores the creatures' origins and the 'history' of the events leading 'up' to the classic film we all know and love.

Whilst the film was certainly not required for the franchise, and, in my view, added very little to it, it is damned gory and has lots of fun gadgets and effects to enjoy.

Some wonderfully simple and deadly creatures plague our crew as they attempt to answer that all important question, "Why are we here?".

With some deservedly fun and grotesque death scenes, considering our cast's sheer disregard for any kind of protocol, rest assured that you will be treated to a cacophony of blood, guts and gloop, but really I'd probably be more likely to stick on "Alien" and "Aliens" if I want to see any murderous space creatures.

Not exactly the most cerebral of films, but definitely worth a look.

[Image: Twentieth Century Fox]