Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Don't Move

"Bloody Cuts" is a series of short horror films from some talented British folks. I only just discovered episode 8 today: "Don't Move" (Anthony Melton, David Scullion, 2013).

I love a good anthology and will make it my goal (post-Masters assignment) to watch and review them all asap!

A clever and tense little film, we find a group of friends in a darkened flat, unable to move as they are hunted by a demon who can sense movement. Slowly and intensively the demon takes down the remaining friends in some gruesome and bloody ways, as the others have to stand stock-still and listen.

Clever, brilliantly put together, with some eerie-as-hell sound effects and gory to boot, I thoroughly enjoyed "Don't Move" and would highly recommend you all get over there and watch it! Now! Shoo!

All of the shorts are available to watch online: http://www.bloodycuts.co.uk/ Enjoy!

[Image: www.bloodycuts.co.uk]