Friday, 26 April 2013

Bloody Cuts : Suckablood

"Suckablood" (2013, Ben Franklin, Jake Cuddihy, Ben Tillett, is another short from Bloody Cuts, the British horror anthology series.

Done in a fairytale style similar to Tim Burton with a dash of Dr. Seuss mixed with Edgar Allan Poe and a whole heap of The Brothers Grimm, "Suckablood" is a really artistic piece. It mixes animation, live action and prosthetics really nicely!

A young girl is reprimanded by her stepmother for sucking her thumb. To stop her, the stepmother tells her that she has cursed the child and if she sucks her thumb again, a creature called the Suckablood will come and kill her!

Terrified, the child goes to bed and sits scared, desperately trying not to suck her thumb. But can she really stop herself?

All done in poetic form, I can see why Stephen Fry is such a big fan of this short!

Highly recommended!